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If I have to mention one person who know me the most as well as I understand the most, it must be my mom. Yes, she is the one who reall...

If I have to mention one person who know me the most as well as I understand the most, it must be my mom. Yes, she is the one who really understand me yet the closest one. Even though we are currently live apart ( she lives in our hometown, Semarang ), we still keep in touch no matter what. So, as a daughter I always want to give her the best especially when it comes to gift and that's the reason why I made this post. Together with Apparel Candy, I compile some simple tips before you're getting a gift for your mom, especially for this holiday season and Mother's Day which will be celebrated on December,22th in Indonesia.

1. Understand Her Character
This is the most important thing because it will help you to know which gift is suitable for her. If she's kind of a modern, sophisticated, cool mom, go for something like a sexy fragrance, fancy glasses, or bold nail polish. If she's kind of a heart-warming, sweet, melancholy mom, go for something like feminine fragrance, reading glasses, or a clutch.

2. Give It On the Perfect Timing
Some moms may reject our gift not because they don't like the gift, but they thought we wasted money or "There is no special event today, why did you give me a gift ?" or "You should just save your money instead of buying a gift" ( well, my mom is this kind of person sometimes ). So, I think special days like birthday, Mother's day, Valentine, or Christmas are the perfect time to give her a special gift. Moreover, pay careful attention on her mood, you will not give the gift when she's on bad mood, right?

3. Plan For A Surprise
Everyone loves surprise gift, don't you agree? Plan for a little surprise because it could makes her feels delighted. Just simply said that you don't have anything for her special day but actually you hid it under her pillow or on her office desk. You can also send unexpected person to give her the gift and then call her a while after she received the gift.

Well, have you planned on what to give for your mother as holiday gift ? Or are you still confuse on where to find the gift? Don't complicate yourself, because you can find what you need on Apparel Candy. Besides their affordable product prices, they also provide wholesale products like wholesale reading glasses and womens wholesale perfumes you shouldn't miss!

Hope this post will be helpful and happy holiday everyone :)

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  1. Great ideas my dear,thank you for sharing :-)

  2. great ideas :D

  3. Great ideas, my mom loves bags, so number 4 will be perfect:)

  4. i think i will buy item from beauty staff:)

  5. Some nice presents idea! The bag especially look really cute *^*
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog ;) I follow you back now!

  6. I love your tips. The reading glasses are so pretty.

  7. Mums are the best...really great selection
    Have a good Chrtstmas time

  8. You never can go wrong with perfume.

    Dakota D.
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  9. Perfect selection with wonderful gifts for our moms! The bag is really, really nice! I love its colour and its details!

    Merry Christmas, beautiful :)

    xoxo ❤
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