[Review] Beaute Recipe Body Butter Eco Balance in Rosemary Herb

Recently, the weather become worse in Indonesia. The condition when sun shines so bright until you feel like it could burn your body an...

Recently, the weather become worse in Indonesia. The condition when sun shines so bright until you feel like it could burn your body and then a while later rain drops so hard, Also when you think that you have to bring your umbrella because it's going to rain but suddenly the temperature goes high and you can really feel that heat. Yeah, I am in that kind of condition, really, I don't understand what weather is it :(

Hence, I posted this review, because I think you guys who feel the same thing as me might need this body care product from Beaute Recipe. Yes, at this point I really need body butter than lotion because my skin become worse because of the weather and I think body butter will moisturize my skin so well. Just for additional info, lotion is definitely different with body butter. They both moisturize our skin, but body butter's texture is thicker, oily, and has long lasting moisture.

Actually, at first I was attracted so much with the turquoise colour and somehow reminds me of The Balm Cosmetics designs, but well, it's quite simple yet elegant with the name of the brand, product name, and content size. There's also an aluminium foil seal to secure the creamy butter inside.

Apply a sufficient amount of creamy butter onto hands or feet and rub in well paying special attention to rough dry skin.

Just as usual body butter, it is creamy and thick, but easy to rub.

This body butter makes my skin feels so smooth and healthy. It can absorbs well without feeling sticky or greasy, but once you wash it with water, you can feel the creamy butter sticks to your skin, but it's not disturbing at all. The Rosemary Herb scent itself, is so calm, aromatic and natural. This scent success to make me feel relax.

Pros :
- Nice simple yet elegant packaging
- Securely sealed
- Perfect scent, so calm and natural
- Easy to rub
- No greasy or sticky feeling
- Well-moisturize
- Affordable price

Cons :
- Almost none, but I think the texture is too thick for me, but well, the result is awesome though :)

I usually use this body butter after bath or before sleep. So far, this is my first favorite body butter product and I will keep repurchasing this and try another body butter product as well! Anyway, you can buy this product at COPIA store or COPIA website with IDR. 175.000 ( around $13,5 )

Rate : 4.8 to 5

So, do you prefer body lotion or body butter? Let me know :)

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16 Comment

  1. lovely product! the weather here is almost the same as Indonesia but i tend to avoid using body butter because when i start sweating it all sticks to my body >n<


  2. Great review post dear! Kiss :)
    New post on my blog: http://vesnamar.blogspot.rs/2016/07/colorful.html

  3. Really sweer review a kisses dear

  4. Really sweer review a kisses dear

  5. Great review <3 but in my region body butter will do a lot of mess if we use it in summers, reason being high humidity and sun shine :D



  6. Looks good! I'd love to try it.

    New post: http://nomoretulips.blogspot.com/2016/07/taiwan-summer-trip-taipei.html

  7. Fantastic review, so interesting! This body butter looks so good, I love its texture :)

    xoxo beautiful ❤
    Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

  8. thanks for an elaborate review. I love rosemary.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  9. This body butter seems great for dry skin. I confess that prefer body lotion ;P

    Coco and Jeans By Marisa

  10. I love both body lotion and butter although I usually prefer lotion in summer. The product you described sounds amazing, I have never heard of that brand before xx


  11. Looks incredible! So glad you shared.

    XO, Jessi

  12. I like body butters as my skin is desert itself. Thank you for sharing new product with us! ^^

    Have a nice day~


  13. Wow, great post!


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