A Brief Answers : Why Women Love Men's Watch

  Accessory is definitely one essential thing that elevates look for both men and women. Wristwatch, as one of the most favorite accessory s...


Accessory is definitely one essential thing that elevates look for both men and women. Wristwatch, as one of the most favorite accessory since long time ago, has plenty of styles, features, class from middle to luxury. To be honest, before I work in luxury fashion retail company, I was not a big fan of watch - but just like wise men said "It is inevitable your environment will influence what you do". After learning so much about luxury goods these past few years especially luxury watches, I started to admire watches, specifically men watches. I believe it's not just me who feel that, right? But just in case you wonder why I (or probably women) love men's watch, let me tell you the reasons why.


Generally speaking, men's watch has wider options to choose compared to women. You can select from basic to  the most complicated watch. Well known luxury watch brands such as Longines, Omega, Rolex or even the affordable one such as Fossil, over various styles of men watches that are suitable for women too. For me personally, I like watch with chronograph feature comes in steel bracelet. It is just like a twist between sporty and formal, truly enhance the luxury look!


This term is just similar to how we adore boyfriend shirt, boyfriend jeans, or dad sandals. Oversized trend haven't got out of style. Oversized watch diameter somehow looks more appealing and functionally speaking, it is easier for us to see the time. Don't you agree with me?


Women's watches are mostly decorative, either with diamonds, colors, or unique shape. While men's watches are more versatile based on your liking. One watch can be worn for casual hang out but also perfect for a formal meeting.

Based on those reasons, I started to love watches even more and planning to invest more in the future (fingercrossed). Thus, I like to take care of my watch carefully. Talking about how to keep wristwatch safe, I found watch winder brand that surprisingly, is able to store our watches to the next level. Jqueen watch winder offers wide options of watch winder from single until more than 8 pieces watches! We can also select the material of the watch winder box, from wood, bamboo, leather, etc. If you're looking for watch winder UK brand, you may consider this brand to try! Frankly said, I never imagined that watch winder can be that useful. That makes me want to invest more (men) watches!

Let me know ladies, are you into men's watches too? 

Or do you still prefer to wear women watch instead?

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