[REVIEW] How To Hydrate Skin Ultimately With Bioderma Hydrabio Series

Healthy, glowing skin is everyone's ultimate skin goal. People strives to achieve glowing skin with makeup or even they often go to skin...

Healthy, glowing skin is everyone's ultimate skin goal. People strives to achieve glowing skin with makeup or even they often go to skin clinic to get their dream skin. As a person who's not a fan of going to skin clinic, I try many ways to achieve my dream skin and I am sure you've known the answer - by using the right skincare.

To achieve glowing skin, firstly we have to really know what our skin needs. In my case, whenever my skin feels dehydrated, it tends to look dull and darker - thus I always drink water a lot and use hydrating skincare for my daily use (fyi, most of my skincare collection is hydrating products lol!).

When it comes to hydrating skincare, I've been using Bioderma Hydrabio Serum for years and I never complaint about its amazing impact to my skin. That's why I would love to share it again with you as I got a new recipe on how to use it for maximum result! Shall we start now?

What it is:

Hydrabio Serum combines AquageniumTM patrnt and hero ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol, and Glucerin which stimulate three mechanisms of hydration. It maintains in depth and make it circulates by stimulating production of water.

How to use:

Apply Hydrabio Serum on the face and neck after cleansing and toning, then massage gently until fully absorbed. It can be used for day and night.


Lightweight tube bottle in white-light blue color. The pump has lock system which is very convenient and safe for traveling. PAO and expired date can be found at the back side of the bottle and paper box. 

PAO (Period After Use) : 9 months


Light gel texture with hint of soft aromatic scent.


As I said before, I’ve been using this serum for years and I have to admit I still can’t get over it. I like how it absorbs well into my skin without any greasy feeling. My skin feels so hydrated, soft, and supple. It also gives calming sensation after use which is perfect! 


  • Lock system
  • Lightweight gel texture
  • Absorbs quickly 
  • Skin feels super fresh, hydrated, soft, supple
  • Doesn’t leave greasy feeling
  • Non comedogenic
Cons: None

This is the part that you have to take note!
Recently I like to use Hydrabio Gel-crème after the serum and it makes my skin even softer! Its gel cream form quickly absorbs into skin and gives natural radiance to my skin! My skin feels hydrated all day and when I use it at night, the next morning my skin looks GLOWING! Isn’t it amazing?

I am here to convince you to use this recipe (Hydrabio Serum + Hydrabio Gel-crème) to achieve a natural, healthy-looking, glowing skin! These products might suit best for normal to combination skin - and if you want to try them, they recently doing a collaboration with Buttonscarves so you can get THE BEST DEAL!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
Hydrabio Serum - IDR 358.700 (around $24.9) / 40mL
Hydrabio Gel-crème - IDR 299.700 (around $20.7) / 40mL

Special thanks to ClozetteID for the chance!

Get the Hydrabio package at: SHOPEE & TOKOPEDIA

BIODERMA Indonesia Official Website : www.bioderma.co.id

BIODERMA Indonesia Official Instagram : @bioderma_indonesia

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  1. I've tried a few products from Bioderma and they have been really good! So wonderful to hear your thoughts on these! Hope you have a great weekend <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. it looks like a great product! thank you for sharing!

  3. my skin is very skin recently, and I will try what you said.
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