Athleisure Outfit For Petite Girls

Being petite is a blessing and curse at the same time, but let me make this clear first : I am proud  for being petite. I can wear any...

Being petite is a blessing and curse at the same time, but let me make this clear first : I am proud  for being petite. I can wear anything in smaller size although it's quite difficult to find the perfect length that suits my body, especially when it comes to athleisure which most comes in top and bottom with fitted size. We all know that athleisure wear is quite booming all over internet worn as daily outfit. I have some athleisure wear too but I usually wear it for work out only. But then, since the athleisure trend is going bigger each days, I feel that I need more to store in my wardrobe and I like it versatile. Thus, I searched some styles online until I finally found some styles from Africanmall that may be perfect for petite girls like me and they're quite versatile. Let's check out some of these styles below :)

Choose romper instead. If you're slightly curvy, black romper with biker short length could be the perfect choice. Pair it with chunky sneakers or oversized denim jacket for casual look.

If you really into prints, avoid full-detail prints because it will makes your body looks too much. Opt for legging with side prints detail that comes in matching sets. Checkers and stripes are the easiest options that are decent and quite versatile.

Crop top is definitely petite girls' best friend because it gives certain illusion to our body length. If you dare enough, neon green or any kind of fluorescent color would be the cutest pairing, especially when it comes in two piece sets. Don't forget to choose shorts over long pants.

So, how do you style athleisure outfit ?
Is it for work out purpose or as daily wear as well ?

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  1. gonna try this quirky style, love!

  2. so great advises - I am petite girl so this post it is perfect for me

  3. I wear athleisure out when I'm feeling lazy! Because it's just so comfy. Lol

  4. Wow! I love these choices - especially that black one with the checkered sides! Oh - and that romper version is so cute, but you're right - it probably is best on a petite person with curves. I'm tall and definitely can't pull that one off :/ These are great tips and absolutely will add the illusion of height (and make you want to go work out to show them off).


  5. Really cute outfits for them

  6. These are absolutely lovely, especially the 2nd one.
    Jessica |



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