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Everyone wants to have young, healthy skin. In our mid 20's, it might be easy to have it but don't you know that actually our s...

Everyone wants to have young, healthy skin. In our mid 20's, it might be easy to have it but don't you know that actually our skin is starting to reduce collagen around 1.5% per year after reaching 25 and above ? That means our skin will gets older since then. Why ? Because collagen is an important substance to maintain our skin's firmness and moisture. Well, I am in my mid 20's right now and reaching 25 soon, that's why I need to start maintain my skin not just from outside but also from the inside - and this Diva Beauty Drink seems like the best dealing to answer my needs. I've been consuming this product and turns out loving it so much. Hence, I want to share my thought about this product especially for you guys who loves beauty. So please keep reading :)

What it is :
Diva is a beauty drink consists of 1.000 mg active collagen and elastin peptide that will make skin smoother, moist, and reduce wrinkles. It also contains vitamin E, pomegranate, acai, acerola, grape seed for cell regenaration and anti-oxidant. Drink Diva regularly twice a day and achieve supple, less wrinkle, smooth, brighter, moist, younger skin. 

How to drink :
Drink twice a day for min. 14 days for first three months to see the maximum result. After three months, drink Diva once per day. 

Diva Beauty Drink in a box of 6 bottles 

It comes in one size only ( 80 mL ) with light yet sturdy bottle, dominated with red. The description is written in Bahasa Indonesia with slight English.

Just like common flavored drink with the mixture of pomegranate, acai, acerola, and grape seed.

I've been consuming this beauty drink for around a week plus and still consuming it until now. However, I can tell that this drink has given a good impact to my skin. Although I can't feel major difference but I can feel that my skin is getting more supple than before with less breakout. Moreover, I really like the taste of this drink because it's sweet with slight sour, not too much, just decent for me.

- Makes skin supple and less breakout
- Tasty flavor
- Affordable price
- Easy to find anywhere

- Barely see the maximum result

I do really recommend for you guys who wants to maintain skin from the inside since we all knew already that collagen is really important for us, especially women - and this Diva Beauty Drink can accomplish our needs. Fyi, you can find this beauty drink anywhere ( convenience store, supermarket, hypermarket, or even e-commerce store ) for only around IDR 14.000 / $1 per bottle and around IDR 60.000 / $4.30 per 6 bottles. Beauty can never be this affordable, right ?

Few days ago, at Diva Beauty Festival in Grand City Surabaya with Surabaya Beauty Blogger

Rate : 3.5 out of 5
Price : around IDR 14.000 ( $1 ) / per bottle

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  1. I always love healthy drinks like this.
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  2. I've never had it but it looks so cute and good :) Fun post :)


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