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After several years, the long-awaited day is finally coming - from Tokyo to Surabaya, UNIQLO will enliven with not only one store, but...

After several years, the long-awaited day is finally coming - from Tokyo to Surabaya, UNIQLO will enliven with not only one store, but two, starting this September 1st in Tunjungan Plaza and September, 15th in Pakuwon Mall ! I know that there are lot of Surabaya people who are very excited for this, hence before the D-Day is coming, I'm going to spoil you with more things about UNIQLO which you may not know yet, during their Tea Time event last Wednesday in Lareia Cake & Co. So, why don't you keep scrolling to find out more ?


Ms. Titis as the Marketing Communication from UNIQLO opened the event with warm greeting and some introductions about UNIQLO. As Japanese casual wear brand which carrying Life Wear as their concept, UNIQLO is popular for its simplicity, timeless collection with high consideration of quality. Although it's already known worldwide, UNIQLO still keeps developing and innovating their products for customers' needed because UNIQLO knows that each customers has different styles and moods. 

The conversation continued by Wulan Wu, the speaker who also a stylist and fashion blogger from Surabaya. She shared a lot of things about great styling tips from casual to party look with UNIQLO's products. For casual look, she showed how shirt dress can be worn as an outer, paired with AIRism Camisole Bra as inner and white jeans. For office look, Wulan presented an unisex look with the pairing of Mickey tee, flanel shirt, and brunette regular pants, while for party look she went for maroon slip dress and black leather jacket as an outer. Well, from this styling tips from Wulan, I found out that AIRIsm is the highlight product from UNIQLO, since it has super light, elastic material which is so comfortable and perfect for any look. It can be worn as sports wear, office wear, or casual wear obviously. I have checked the product by myself and prove that the material is super comfortable indeed ! I think that's quite impressive how UNIQLO products could fit for any occasion but still cling firmly with its simplicity and comfortability.

Besides styling tips, Wulan also shared how to maintain our Instagram feeds so that people who follow us know exactly what's our content is about. The keys are tone, self-branding, and accessories. Tone is very important for balancing the color and the mood. Wulan said that she never leaves her photo just the way it is, she always retouch the tone so it looks more attractive and consistent. For editing, she recommends Adobe Lightroom Express which we can easily find on App Store or Play Store - there we can remove the unnecessary color and adjust the tone, but still with high-resolution picture. Second tips is self-branding. We have to know what we're going to focus in, if you're more into fashion, then post about the exact style you're adore the most, just like Wulan, she is more into casual wear, so she keeps casual wear on her content. Last tips is accessories because everything will looks better with touch of accessories, more or less.

After around two hours sharing about styling tips and maintaining Instagram feeds with UNIQLO and Wulan Wu, the event reached to an end with photo session and pleasant tea time from Lareia Cake & Co. Each of us was given a goodie bag consists of UNIQLO's well-known flanel shirt ! I am beyond happy though and just can't wait to style it very soon !

For OOTD, I was wearing UNIQLO's Fleece Turtle Neck T-shirt underlay black slip dress with long blazer as outer, accessorized with strap pump heels.

Once again, thank you so much UNIQLO for having me and I can't wait for September, 1st and 15th to come faster! Let's have some fun in UNIQLO's first store in Surabaya guys! Fyi, there are lot of promotions you should not miss, so mark the dates and let's have some fun-shopping at UNIQLO !

UNIQLO Surabaya's stores :
- LG Floor Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya ( opens September, 1st )
- Pakuwon Mall Surabaya ( opens September, 15th )

UNIQLO Indonesia's website : http://www.uniqlo.com/id/
UNIQLO Indonesia's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/uniqloindonesia/

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  1. Amazing photos :) I've heard about this brand before but I've never been interested in this brand. It seems like they have really nice clothes :)

  2. You are always in interesting places my dear.Looks like you enjoyed this event very much :-)

  3. Wonderful event my dear
    Have a good day!

  4. You always went to the most amazing events, Chelshea. Beautiful pics, btw and you look so cute and very chic in your OOTD.
    new look: Hello Weekend

  5. Uniqlo is actually one shop I've never been in before. I go past it on most of my shopping trips, but never think to go in. I'll be sure to give it a try now after seeing this.

    Funmi xx



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