[EVENT] Getting Kawaii with Kay Collection x BCL

Last weekend I transformed myself into Japanese girl! Oops, just kidding! Literally I attended a blogger gathering held by Kay Collec...

Last weekend I transformed myself into Japanese girl! Oops, just kidding! Literally I attended a blogger gathering held by Kay Collection x BCL at Zest Hotel Jemursari. Fyi, Kay Collection is an offline-online store which sells well-known Japanese brands such as Dolly Wink, Masami Shouko, etc, while BCL Cosmetic is a Japanese makeup and skin care brand which products can also be found at Kay Collection, almost all of their product packagings are so cute!

Jesslyn, beauty blogger from Jakarta as the host  

Ms. Sophie as speaker from Kay Collection 

 Ms. Amanda as speaker from BCL Cosmetic

As an opening, a representative from Zest Hotel explained about the hotel and its benefit to spend night at Zest. Although Zest Hotel is a budget hotel ( under Swissbell Hotel ), they always keep their standard high and the most important thing is they provide 24 hours check in - check out service which is a great benefit for hotel guests. Then, after a short yet clear explanation from Zest Hotel's representative, Jesslyn, beauty blogger from Jakarta who also a host at the event, took over the mic and welcomed all the bloggers very warmly before Ms. Sophie and Ms . Amanda explained about Kay Collection and BCL products. Well, to be honest, I adore Japanese makeup but I often step back to purchase it because I have no idea about the explanation of the products, they all written in Japanese without any translation though! Gratefuly, Ms. Amanda explained the BCL products one by one and very clearly which made me understand about the function of each products.

Later after that, we all joined the makeup challenge to do makeup using BCL products. Yeah, almost all of us were wearing makeup already so it's quite impossible to remove our makeup at a glance. Hence, we did some touch-up with BCL products instead. From the picture above, I applied BCL Black Eyeliner & Shimmer Brown Eyeshadow, BCL Coral Orange Lip + Cheek Cream Beauty Mines as blusher. Love the result on my face though!

The event ended after around 2 hours ( after taking many pictures and enjoying snack time from Zest Hotel as well ). Each of us received a cute purplish goodie bag from Kay Collection X BCL and as compulsion, we took group pictures with Miharu Julie and Jesslyn ( both are well-known beauty blogger from Jakarta ), Ms. Sophie, and Ms. Amanda. Last but not least, we had a hotel tour guided by Zest Hotel's representative and along with it, the event was officially finished.

From left to right : Cynthian, Ce Mindy, Julie, Jesslyn, Me, and Bella

Accidentally matchy-matchy with Redha

Anyway, I have a good news to all Indonesian beauty bloggers/vloggers and Japanese beauty lovers. Currently Kay Collection hold a competition which will bring 3 winners to have amazing trip to Japan for free ! What's more exciting than this? So, read the details here : KAY ROAD TO JAPAN and let's join this together before this August !

Until next time and hope you have kawaii days!

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  1. Such a nice event!
    I really want to win that Japan trip, but don't own any Kay products :(
    Have a happy Friday!


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  3. Never heard about bcl before.
    But it seems like a good brand.

    Nice post ^^.


  4. que maravilla de presentacion, lo habras pasado genial

  5. you are so beautiful!!


  6. This looks like so much fun!
    I love your outfit :)

  7. never heard of this brand but it looks like such a fund event!


  8. Ditunggu ya review dari semua produk yang kamu dapet ituuu :3

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