Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studios Singapore

Happy Halloween! I know it must be too early to say this since October has just begun, but..Hey! I am just too excited to bri...

Happy Halloween!
I know it must be too early to say this since October has just begun, but..Hey! I am just too excited to bring you guys to experience “The Darkness Within” at Universal Studios Singapore’s annual event, Halloween Horror Night 6! With Lady Death as the main icon, I can tell that this year’s HHN was succeed to make me goosebumps all night long through 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, and 2 shows! Okay, let’s bump to the horror journey!

Note : This post was made based on my personal opinion and experience.

My friends and I attended the first day of HHN6 which is September, 30th. I thought it will be not as crowded as in the mid of October but I was totally wrong. HHN6 starts at 7.30 p.m but the queue at the front gate was already so long from 6 p.m! However, USS really knows how to entertain the visitors while waiting for the gate to open. They opened a face painting stand and merchandise stall as well ( especially Jack’s merchandises ). From the picture below you can see so many young people attended this event and most of them came as groups ( just like my friends and I, we’re 7, lol ).

Opening Scaremony
This scaremony was really surprised me. At first, I only imagined a standard opening ceremony like a short dialogue, festive dance, or introduction of the HHN6 icon, but what I imagined was just an imagination, because it was DJ show !!! Seriously, a man with skull costume warmed up the opening ceremony with super addictive EDM musics, he even put Ghostbuster’s jingle and Michael Jackson’s Thriller into his mixing, hand claps! However, it was not just an ordinary plot though, after around 15 minutes DJ-ing, the stage blackouts so sudden and the iconic Lady Death came through skull-shape screen and welcomed the visitors with her enchanting yet creepy words. While the opening came to an end, all the iconic ghosts from each haunted houses and scare zones appeared to the stage. The darkness experience, started now!

March of Dead
This was the only peaceful area in USS. There are lot of blue and magenta lights and all things here were decorated so beautifully, even the ghosts look so enchanting ( uhm, I mean the make up and the costumes ). This is the first spot we visited which located in Hollywood area where we can take as many pictures as we can with the well-dressed Spanish ghosts, tall man-lady skulls, etc. Oh, and anyway, we can also watch the March of Dead’s show parade started from around 8 p.m, 10 p.m, and 11 p.m.

Expectation : I have no expectation about this scare zone, just well-decorated.
Reality : Well, the ghosts are so cooperative here, they know that we want to take lot of pictures with them. Some of them even come closer to us first! As you can see, they're not scary at all, just beautiful :)

Salem Witch House
I wasn’t ready yet to enter the haunted house because I was still enjoying March of Dead scare zone. But well, Salem Witch House is really close to this scare zone ( near the library ) so, this was the only choice!

Expectation : I am sure this is one of the scariest haunted houses!
Reality : Exactly same as what I expected! Probably because this was the first haunted house I visited, I wasn’t really ready yet, and it took quite long time to finish it! Gosh! I spotted the Victorian interior theme as I saw from the picture frames and the wooden floors. In this house,  you can find a lady with black veil sitting with a doll on a rocking chair, ‘pretty’ witches in all white with red blooded eyes, the swinging creepy girl, and the main witch named Augusta, just before the exit door.

Hu Li’s Inn
Located between Sci-fi and Mummy’s area, this place was decorated with light bulbs around the entrance, just looks like Chinese night club from past days. We sure that we will not get fooled by the beauty of the lady portrait because we know what will happen to that lady inside the house, lol.

Expectation : Super scary and definitely scarier than the Salem Witch House ( since Chinese ghosts are definitely scarier than Western I guess )
Reality : It wasn’t that scary though, but all the red vibe inside the house got me feel insecure, the experience of walking between mirrors, and the voice of Hu Li ( Fox Spirit ) while enjoying human’s heart. In this house, you can also hear some ghosts screams “Help Me!” all around the house, I guess they played role as the victims of the Hu Li.

Suicide Forest
Actually  before we entered this scare zone, we got break for a while by enjoying the chill of Mummy’s attraction ( it’s my 3rd times but still exciting! ). At this Mummy attraction, we even didn’t need to queue just like we used to because there’s no queue at all! I guess all people were busy queueing at haunted houses, lol. So, we finished this attraction for only around 10 minutes and moved to this Suicide forest scare zone which located at Jurassic World, near the Old Changi Hospital. From the front gate, you can see that this place was probably inspired by the famous Aokigahara forest in Japan. With almost no lights on, this place was totally looks creepy by the various kind of ghosts and the hanging dead bodies!

Expectation : Various ghosts embrace the darkness area and walk around you, what should I expect?
Reality : The darkness helped me to not seeing those creepy creatures clearly, but there are some super creepy ghosts who even could run and pretended to chase the visitors, especially the ghost who dressed as creepy clown!

Moreover, at this place I saw something that I am still not really sure it’s true or not until now. So, my friends and I was passing by at the area where two dead students came towards us, a boy and a girl. Not far from their place, I also saw another dead girl was squatting back to back and did nothing near the blue lights. My friends said that they only saw 2 ghosts there ( the boy and the girl ), but I saw 3! I told them that there’s another girl who squatting near the other ghosts, but they said they didn’t see. I felt like...okay...Did they just didn’t see it or was it a real ghost?! It hasn’t answered until now though, so if you guys attended this event and experienced this Suicide Forest, then tell me if you really saw 3 students ghosts there, please!

Bodies of Works
For the first time, we had to queue for around 30 minutes. Located in Waterworld area, I have no idea that this haunted house could be this long! In this haunted house, we could see pieces of body, broken face ghosts, and some weird monsters (?)

Expectation : I have no big deal with body pieces, blood and monster.
Reality : It was crazy like, seriously! The ghosts were super creepy, hyper-active as well and pretend to catch the visitors, especially at the carousel area! You could find 2-3 ghosts run toward you while the carousel are moving! I guess one of them is the main character named Damien who is super psycho.

Hawker Centre Massacre
It’s like a zombie food court which located in Hollywood area ( not far from Salem Witch House ). For this haunted house, we have to wait for 45 minutes and you know what, in this queue I met a middle age aunty who also queued for this haunted house! Proud of you aunty, really!

Expectation : Zombies must be super active and creepy as well, right?
Reality : This haunted house was quite wide compared with another houses, smells so bad ( kind of fishy smell but worst ). We can see lot of aunties and uncles as the ghosts as well. I can say that this haunted house is just okay, not as scary as the other houses.  Oh, and also why I said it wasn’t scary ? Because in this house there’s a woman ghost who sprayed me with warm water directly to my short pants where I put my phone inside the pocket and camera as well...So I was like... (=_=) Then,  after finished this haunted house, I just kept covering my pants so people wouldn’t think I pee inside the house. Believe me people, I didn't pee, lol!

Okay, guys, I think if you don't want to get scared inside haunted house, let the ghost spray you with water, lol!

Old Changi Hospital
So, finally we arrived at the last haunted house! ( after enjoyed the attraction at Transformer, lol ). Old Changi Hospital was located in Jurassic Park, slightly close to Suicide Forest. The queue was awesome here, we have to wait for around 70 minutes and when we first entered this house, time striked at 12 a.m, hmmm...Was it a coincidence ?

Expectation : This is the scariest one, no wonder!
Reality : It was super creepy just like what I expected! We all can imagine how haunted hospital looks like and this exactly what it is! You could hear women laugh and screams at the same time, the long hair woman with red dress, creepy nurse, and the dead body on the floor as well! But lucky for us, since USS is almost closed that time ( they closed at 12.30 a.m ) so the crew let more people entered this house at the same time which makes this house less scary, plus, there’s a handsome soldier near the exit door. Actually I don’t know whether he played as ghost or not because he has no ghost make up at all. Let's just think he was there to make us feeling better after seeing those incredible ghosts, lol!

Yay! Done with #HHN6, completed all the haunted houses and 2 scare zones, minus Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus. But well, this event was awesome and I definitely will come back again next year! For you guys who haven’t joined this Halloween Horror Night, don’t worry because you still have much time! This event will be held until end of October, so you just have to visit HHN6’s website, choose your date, buy the ticket, and make sure you’re ready enough to get scared!

Okay, this is the longest post I’ve ever made so far, but I still have some more from my previous trip to Singapore. Please stay tuned on my blog and see you soon!

HHN6 Opening Scaremony


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  9. Never really attended an Halloween event. maybe a dressed up party but nothing like this. It sounds really interesting, i would really love to try.
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