Popular Colours Of Homecoming Dresses For 2019

The earlier that you start to plan for your homecoming dance, the more time you have so that you can ensure that you have a perfect e...

The earlier that you start to plan for your homecoming dance, the more time you have so that you can ensure that you have a perfect evening and look amazing in your outfit. If you are looking to make a statement and wear an eye-catching outfit, below are some of the most popular colours for homecoming dresses for 2019 that will look stunning and leave you feeling like the Belle of the Ball.

Rose gold has seen an increase in popularity in jewellery designs, as well as in hair and makeup, and is now also a favourite colour on the catwalk. The top designers such as Sherri Hill are embracing this trend and combining it with subtle pinks and other colours, to create the perfect combination for your formal dance.

Every girl should have a little black dress in their wardrobe as it is something that you can wear for lots of different occasions, including formal functions such as a homecoming. A black homecoming dress is a popular choice once again this year and no matter what style of dress you are looking for, there is almost certainly one in black that will suit your taste as well as your budget.

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Although not a colour, a trend which is seeing a significant uptake for homecoming 2019 is the glitter dress, and these are available in a lot of different shimmering colours. With dresses in silver, gold, pink, and much more besides, you can turn heads when you arrive at your homecoming glistening and sparkling, ready to enjoy yourself and create some special memories.

Red is a colour which a lot of people are opting for in 2019, and it seems that it is a colour which never goes out of style. Whether you are looking for a traditional ball gown, a one-shoulder mermaid dress, or a sexy little cocktail dress, red is a colour you can guarantee that you will find a lot of different choices for and can be worn for lots of different occasions.

Another style of dress which is seeing increasing popularity is the floral dress in natural shades and colours, creating an elegant yet understated look, making you look fabulous without you seeming to try! From typical A-line dresses to elaborate ball gowns, floral print dresses are something that you will see a lot at your homecoming dance this year.

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Loud and vibrant colours are also proving to be a popular choice in 2019, which means many people are opting for an orange homecoming dress. You will find many different styles of dress embracing the orange look this year, and you are sure to be able to find something that will complement your figure, look fantastic, and not cost the earth.

Purple is a colour that was traditionally reserved for royalty hundreds of years ago as it was so expensive to produce, and this regal colour is a popular choice this year for an elegant and beautiful homecoming dress. If you are looking to feel like a princess, purple may be the colour for you!

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With the above mentioned tips, you’ll be on trend at the same time effortlessly stand out in this year’s homecoming dance.

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